P.E.I. provincial email system still down after security breach

On Sunday, 94,000 subscribers to a provincial email system received a fraudulent email with the subject line, "Tonight's Winner is Drawn in 10 Hours."

94,000 addresses sent fraudulent email titled 'Tonight's Winner is Drawn in 10 Hours' on Sunday

Government officials say the email system involved was not connected to the main work-related email system. (CBC)

The provincial government email system that experienced a security breach Sunday is still offline, and will remain that way until government is confident any vulnerability has been fixed.

A fraudulent email with the subject line "Tonight's Winner is Drawn in 10 Hours" was sent to 94,000 users on Sunday.

The email suggested the recipient could have won the Powerball lottery, and encouraged the user to click a link. 

On Tuesday, a government spokesperson said the email server involved was a smaller secondary system that was used to send occasional bulk emails.

Therefore, they said, the shut down is not affecting government business.

The spokesperson said not many people have clicked on the link, but it is still unclear what would happen if they did.

That, and the cause of the problem, are still being investigated.

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