The CBC's Brendan Elliott examines the meaning behind the 2011 campaign messages in Election Unspun.

Are polls really for the dogs?

In his third and final blog before the Oct. 3 election , Brendan discusses The parties on polling.

Listen to Brendan on this topic here.

From 'tight-fisted' to 'subtle' media management

Brendan compares how the PCs and Liberals use different styles to deal with the press in his second blog Media management on the campaign trail.

Listen to Brendan talk about it here.

It's all in how you say it

In Brendan Elliott's first blog, The message is in the delivery, he looks at how Progressive Conservative Leader Olive Crane delivers her messages compared to Robert Ghiz. As well, he examines the different approaches the parties are taking with their roadside signs.

Listen to Brendan on this topic here.