Jenn Grant

Jenn Grant, winner for pop recording of the year, performs at the East Coast Music Awards in P.E.I. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

This year’s ECMAs are in P.E.I. instead of Newfoundland, where the music week was supposed to be held, all because of the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference.

PEI 2014 is the province’s year-long party celebrating an event that paved the way for the birth of Canada.

ECMA 2014 wanted us to be here, so we rearranged our normal rotation with our partners, with the other provinces, and they kindly said, yeah it's a good year to be in PEI,“ says Charles Coll, an ECMA board member.

The East Coast Music Association received $250,000 from the PEI 2014 fund, not an unusual amount to receive from a hosting province.

But ECMA organizers say teaming up with 2014 still has its benefits. 

“What we've been able to do is take advantage of each others marketing, advertising, promotion, sponsor opportunities,” says Coll.

Penny Walsh McGuire is the executive director at PEI 2014. She says they worked with PEI 2014 on joint promotions and contests.

“We promoted the fans choice awards, as well as the fans video choice awards as an example, bringing visitors to our websites as well as theirs,” says Walsh McGuire.

“2014 being a major milestone year for P.E.I., we felt this cultural festival, this showcase of great East Coast music, would be a nice addition to the event's calendar.”

The music association says the added promotion is paying off with brisk ticket sales and much higher overall visitation numbers.