Shuttle Up makes the trip from Murray River through Montague to Charlottetown weekdays. (Google Maps)

A Murray River man who started up a shuttle service between Charlottetown and eastern P.E.I. is planning to expand the service soon.

Terry Bishop makes weekday trips with his seven-seat van from Murray River through Montague to Charlottetown each morning, and then back in the afternoon. During the day, he drives a cab in Charlottetown.

Bishop said he has three or four regular passengers, people either working or going to university or college.

"There's a lot of people hurting for transportation and money, and with all the layoffs this winter there's even more call for it," he said.

The ride to or from Charlottetown costs $10, and a trip between Murray River and Montague is $5.

Bishop said he's hoping the taxi driving in Charlottetown will be temporary while he's building up the business.

"[I will] eventually get away from the taxi and help everybody in the Kings County area."

Bishop hasn't done a lot of advertising of Shuttle Up Tours since starting in June, but he plans to do more advertising soon and eventually add a second van and driver.