Eastern Kings residents vote for more wind turbines

Residents of Eastern Kings have decided to take a provincial offer of more cash and allow new wind turbines to be set up in the East Point area.

Final vote 171 in favour, 137 against

The promise of up to $9 million convinced residents of Eastern Kings to vote in favour of having more wind turbines in their area.

Tuesday's vote came two years after residents told a private wind farm operator not to develop in the region.  People living in the area had said they did not want to see any more wind farms constructed at the eastern tip of the province.

The lastest plan would add up to 15 turbines to the existing provincially-operated wind farm.

Leading up to the vote, Provincial Treasurer Wes Sheridan told the residents an expansion of the East Point facility would lead to $9 million in investment over the next 15 years, including an extra $125 thousand for the community council. 

The final results were 171 in favour of new wind turbines, while 137 residents voted against the proposal.

Sheila Eastman, chair of the community council, told CBC News Wednesday the vote does not mean construction will begin right away. Any expansion to the wind farm is subject to an environmental review.