The City of Charlottetown is moving on to East Royalty as it continues a neighbourhood by neighbourhood planning review.

Residents of East Royalty are being asked for input on what the former village should look like from a development perspective. It's been at least 15 years since zoning and development bylaws were reviewed for the northeastern part of Charlottetown.

"We've heard pressure for a bit of a commercial node in the East Royalty area, to provide more retail and commercial services," said planning committee chair Coun. Rob Lantz.

"I'm sure the people of East Royalty are going to be happy to tell us the kinds of things they'd like to see happen in their neck of the woods."

The rewriting of the official plan for the city started with the so-called 500-lot study of the core downtown area. It then moved on to look at the waterfront. After finishing with East Royalty, city planners will move onto another area of the city.