A new system allowing doctors at Charlottetown's Queen Elizabeth hospital to order medication, tests and other patient care online is running smoothly, says hospital executive director Rick Adams.


The transition to electronic health records went smoothly over the weekend at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, says executive director Rick Adams. (CBC)

Adams said people were encouraged to go to extended walk-in services set up to take the pressure off emergency on the weekend while the transition was done, but the emergency department still saw the usual number of people, about 100. That did not, he said, cause any problems.

"The wait time for non-urgent was between three and four-and-a-half hours. The wait time for emergent was non-existent, it was immediate, and for urgent was within one-and-a-half hours," said Adams.

"This is where we'd normally be in a regular weekend."

Adams believes the $4 million system will be improve patient care by reducing errors, such as drug interactions.

A similar system was installed at Summerside's Prince County hospital in June, and all hospitals will have the new system by 2014.