A convicted drug dealer told Supreme Court in P.E.I. Monday about an incident in 2012 when two men broke into his home, beat him, stole his drugs, and tied him up.

Dean Fairhurst was testifying at the trial of 22-year-old Derry Ian Bird of Stratford, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of armed robbery, wearing a mask while committing an offence, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Fairhurst is now serving a seven-year prison sentence for drug trafficking.

Fairhurst told court he was cooking and smoking crack cocaine at his home in Emyvale the night of May 28, 2012. He told court he had about $30,000 worth of cocaine and dilaudid pills in his mini-home.

Around 3 a.m. two men in masks broke down his door, held a gun to his head, kicked him repeatedly and ransacked his house. After stealing the drugs, he said they bound his hands and feet with duct tape, then took off.

Fairhurst phoned his mother, who rushed over and helped him free himself.

Owed thousands in drug debts

Under cross examination, Fairhurst admitted he has a severe addiction problem. He said he consumed a quarter million dollars in cocaine in the three years before the incident and owed thousands of dollars in drug debts.

Fairhurst's mother also testified. She said they did not contact police that night because they feared the assailants would come back. Fairhurst called police a week later.

Three other people charged in the case - one of the assailants, and two women who were outside waiting in a car - have pleaded guilty and are now in jail.

One other accused has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.

Bird is already in prison for a drug trafficking conviction earlier this year.