A P.E.I. real estate agent has purchased a drone aircraft so he can provide clients with a bird's eye view of some of the large properties for sale.

Summerside's Michael Poczynek told CBC News his remote control drone quad rotor helicopter provides a whole new perspective, and is relatively easy to use.


The aerial videos provide an entirely different perspective on a property. (Michael Poczynek)

"It has a built-in GPS, built-in compass, it has built-sensors to tell when the helicopter is shifting. So it does a lot of the flying for you, which makes it a lot easier and a lot better for aerial photography, because if you let go of the controls it just hovers there until the battery dies," said Poczynek.

"With this you can fly over top, you can see the shoreline, you can see the water table reflected and the type of plants and growth and the trees. You can just get a much, much better perspective."

The drone helicopter cost Poczynek about $700, plus another $600 for the camera and GPS.

Response has been great, he said, and he has picked up listings as a result.