A new drive-thru has been approved by Charlottetown city council at one of the most complained about intersections in the city.

The street angles where Euston, Longworth and Weymouth streets come together, known locally as Ken's Corner, lead to confusion for many drivers. At the meeting of council this week it was decided to add a drive-thru at the Petro-Canada to the mix. Only one councillor, Danny Redmond, voted against the idea.

View Larger Map The angles where the streets come together are confusing for some drivers.

"I'm just concerned that when this goes through that it'll generate probably more traffic and create more problems in the intersection," said Redmond.

Council asked police services for its recommendation, and that recommendation was to go ahead. Deputy chief Richard Collins said if there is a concern, it's for the traffic on the property, something he suggested the business keep an eye on.

"Realistically if you have vehicles at the pump, you have people trying to cut through the lot to get through the drive-thru," said Collins.

While traffic on the property is a potential problem, said Collins, the police responsibility and recommendation is for the roadway.

This is the second drive-thru approved by council recently. Another is going at the Petro-Canada on the corner of University and Belvedere. Coun. Rob Lantz, chair of the planning committee, recognized some people might have issues with more drive-thrus in the city.

"We look at them all on an individual basis, but this one in particular situated on a corner does have - at a fairly busy intersection - has some issues," said Lantz.

"I think they were resolved to everyone's satisfaction and from what I know the police is totally satisfied that we've got a workable plan."

Lantz said developers want to get the drive-thrus in place as soon as possible. No one from Petro Canada could be reached.

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