Charlottetown snow

Crews work to clear downtown Charlottetown of snow after three recent storms. (CBC)

Downtown Charlottetown is still digging out after three recent snowstorms, which created headaches for local businesses, drivers and customers.

Snowbanks made already narrow streets even more so. Some sidewalks are still difficult for pedestrians to get around on.

"Many of the sidewalks and that have been pretty dicey, and if you’re trying to walk the street it’s not safe," Leigh Forbes said.

The city’s public works department has been clearing snow, loading it into trucks, and them dumping it in a field off Acadian Drive.

They’ve been digging out parking spots and tackling snowbanks that have built up along streets. Busy sections along University Avenue and Grafton Street were cleared Friday.

"We’ve had lots of snow, throw in some freezing rain in the middle of it and various things like that," said Paul Johnston, with public works. "Just a lot of work within the span of a week."

There’s sympathy for city workers, at least among some store owners.

"Honestly, they had a tough go," said Alan Preston, with Hearts and Flowers, and downtown business. "It was really tough for them — three storms in a row.

"It was tough for everybody to get around. There was a lot of traffic in the downtown and therefore it was blocking the plows from getting around."