RCMP on P.E.I. are reminding drivers not to text and drive, especially with the busy traffic holiday weekend.

Police say talking and texting on cell phones are issues that haven't gone away.

Thanksgiving is one of the RCMP's top traffic enforcement projects. There is extra enforcement on the roads, as well as checkpoints.    

Charlottetown RCMP Const. Jeffery Dow said texting is very dangerous, both for the driver and everyone else on the road.

“I’m a collision analyst so I go to a lot of collision files," he said. "It's one of the harder components to prove, but yes, it's definitely a factor. You're not concentrating on the road, you may drift across the centre line or hit the shoulder, over-correct, so, yes, it is a big issue."

Dow said if you have to take a call or send a text, just pull off to the side of the road.

If you're caught on your cell phone while driving, you face a fine up to $400 and lose three points off your licence.