A Charlottetown man is being praised after he heroically plunged into the freezing North River to save a dog that had fallen through the ice.

Ann MacNeill’s 11-year-old black lab, Pace, is recouping after falling through the ice on the North River on Tuesday.

MacNeill says Pace was in the backyard at her parents house on Queen Elizabeth Drive when he and her other dog wandered out of sight.

"They generally just hang around the house there but I had to leave and I had to go to work and dad was just going to drive them home when they showed up," she said.

But Pace never did.

MacNeill said he may never have come home if not for a man who lives just down the street from her parent's house.

"He pulled that dog out of the hole, across the ice, up a bank, across the lawn carrying this dog and into the house. Unbelievable, really, how much strength he must have had," she said.

black lab

MacNeill says Pace may never have come home if not for a man who lives just down the street from her parent's house. (CBC)

At around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon Steve Cudmore got a call from his daughter telling him a dog had gone through the ice.

"I immediately jumped in the car and I told her just to keep talking to the dog and telling him it would be okay and she stayed with him and I got here as fast as I could. It's only about four or five minutes from my office so I got here pretty quick," he said.

Cudmore then plunged waist-deep into the freezing water. The dog was about 10 metres from shore.

"There was really no danger to me. I knew the water was fairly shallow, so it really wasn't too difficult a decision to haul him out," he said.

Cudmore said at the time he didn't even notice how cold the water was. His 12-year-old daughter, McKenna, watched the rescue from shore.

"It was kind of freaky cause I didn't know what to do,” she said. “I didn't know how long he had been in there and if he was going to be okay."

MacNeill said thanks to the Cudmores and after a trip to the vet Pace is okay.

“We’ve got him home now and he’s fine, he’s very exhausted but he's fine," she said.