P.E.I. is losing out on opportunities for doctors to come and practise in the province because the process for getting a provincial medical licence is too cumbersome, says Health Minister Doug Currie.

Doug Currie

One doctor from Ontario gave up on getting a medical licence on P.E.I., says Health Minister Doug Currie.

Currie said he's frustrated in trying to work with the P.E.I. College of Physicians and Surgeons to streamline the process. He said efforts have been ongoing for the past two years and haven't produced results. He believes the process is more difficult and time-consuming than it needs to be, and P.E.I. is losing out on potential doctors as a result.

"I'll use the example, recently, of a physician in Ontario, an emergency room physician that works at a very credible emergency room in Ontario, was looking to come to Prince Edward Island for a locum," said Currie.

'[He] became very frustrated with the process and the volume of paperwork and just basically gave up on it."

Currie said there are efforts underway with the other Atlantic provinces to develop a regional approach to physician licensing. The issue will be on the agenda when Atlantic health ministers meet next month in Charlottetown.