Charlottetown developer Duncan Shaw has withdrawn his application to have land rezoned to build a high-density residential subdivision off the Upton Road.

Shaw said he is returning to the drawing board after facing 200 angry local residents opposed to his plan at a public meeting Tuesday evening. He said the new plan will be significantly different.

'Six years on council, that's the biggest turnout I've seen for a public meeting.' — Coun. Rob Lantz

Shaw attempted to defend his plans at the meeting, but failed to turn a strong tide against him.

Residents at the meeting said they purchased property in Windsor Park - off the Upton Road - with the understanding that it was zoned for single-family dwellings. They were upset to hear about plans that would have included townhouses and apartment buildings.

Resident Dan Gabler presented council with a petition of 353 signatures against the development. He said when he bought his home two years ago he was assured only low-density housing was allowed.

"The area becomes less desirable," said Gabler.

"Traffic, safety, they all come down to the reduction of the quality of life."

Residents were concerned the new development would mean an extra 700 or more cars in the area, and that property values would decrease. 

Coun. Rob Lantz, chair of the city's planning committee, was impressed by the turnout.

"Six years on council, that's the biggest turnout I've seen for a public meeting," said Lantz.

With the withdrawal of the application, the city's planning board will now recommend zoning not be changed.