Derry Ian Bird, 22 of Stanhope, has been found guilty in P.E.I. Supreme Court of being involved in a May 2012 home invasion in Emyvale.

On the night of May 28 two men broke into the home of a drug dealer in Emyvale, tied him up and stole money and drugs.

Bird had pleaded not guilty. During his trial in the first week of December, Bird testified he had been at his parents' home smoking marijuana in the basement while the home invasion was taking place. His parents backed up that alibi.

Chase James Roper, who was found guilty of being the second man in the home invasion. He originally told police Bird was with him during the home invasion.  In court testimony he recanted that statement, saying he didn't know the man he had committed the crime with.

Crown prosecutor Cindy Wedge presented evidence that Roper had been targeted by inmates at Sleepy Hollow for testifying in the case.

Justice Gordon Campbell will bring down a sentence for Bird on March 28.