Some residents and businesses in Borden, at the foot of P.E.I.'s Confederation Bridge, are outraged at the state of the artificial hills built to decorate the entrance to the province.


'They're an eyesore,' says Jeanette Hearn of the landscaped hills. (CBC)

The hills are meant to reflect the sand dune-lined shores of the North Shore, but the grass hasn't taken, the evergreen trees planted on them are dead and they are becoming overrun with weeds.

"They're an eyesore," said Jeanette Hearn, who manages the Gateway Lobster Shop, which overlooks the hills.

"They're weeds. They were never completed as far as I can tell."

The province spent $600,000 on the decorative landscaping, part of a $3 million project at the foot of the bridge. The landscaping also came under fire last year, when there was no vegetation on them at all.

But as a first impression of the province, the landscaping still is not working.

"They do not look attractive right now," said tourist Doug Phillips.

Stephen Yeo, chief engineer for the Department of Transportation, said improvements are coming. Several dead evergreen trees will soon be replaced, and they are working on the grass.

"We weren't impressed certainly with the growth first thing in the spring, we had the contractor come back in and reseed," said Yeo.

"It's a work in progress. It will really take a full two years before it really looks the way it should."

The work is under warranty, and if the province isn't happy by the end of August 2013 the contractor will have to fix it for free.

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