Deadline nears for trailer park residents

Residents of the Byways Trailer Park in Cornwall have less than a month to leave their trailers. The deadline was set by owner Clifford McQuaid in February.
Byways Trailer Park, Cornwall (CBC)

Residents of a Cornwall trailer park have less than a month to leave their homes.

Their deadline, set by the Byways Trailer Park owner Clifford McQuaid in February, is Sept. 1.

After that, water, electricity and garbage services will cease.

McQuaid said that high water and insurance costs have made his business untenable.

He said several trailers have already been sold or moved. He believes one resident may have walked away from his mobile home.

McQuaid also said he plans to sell the property, and that he hopes residents will all be gone by his deadline, so that he won't have to have the trailers removed himself.

In March, McQuaid told CBC News he was sorry to shut the park down, but he had to because of a costly leak in the park's 40-year old water system.

The source of the leak has never been located. McQuaid said it costs him $19,000 annually in municipal water fees – nearly double what it used to be.

McQuaid said he had intended to keep running the trailer park, but that was before he was hit with the increased water costs.

McQuaid allowed residents to stay six months, free of charge. He made the offer after the town of Cornwall agreed to waive water fees for that period.

McQuaid said he intends to put the entire two-hectare property up for sale. It's zoned for development for townhouses and apartments.

In spring of 2011, McQuaid told his tenants that if they didn’t all switch from oil heat to electric, he would close the park down.

At the time, McQuaid told CBC News tenants couldn’t get proper insurance and he was still paying for a spill that happened in 2010.