The P.E.I.-born head coach of the Ottawa Senators, Dave Cameron, told media he's not worried about anyone reading his text messages, because they wouldn't be able to understand his "P.E.I.-isms."

The comments come as a text sent by Calgary Flames defenceman Dennis Wideman factored in to a decision by the NHL to uphold a 20-day suspension for cross-checking a linesman. 

In the decision, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wrote that while Wideman apologized to the linesman, "those apologies rings somewhat hollow given the text message he sent to a teammate."

The text message read "the only problem and the only reason I'm here is cause the stupid refs and stupid media."

Cameron, who is from Kildare Capes, P.E.I., said he's not worried about his own texts coming under scrutiny.

"They can take my phone and check my texting, because I text in P.E.I.-isms," he said. "They'd have no idea, they could not read my texts … you'd have to get an interpreter."