The Dallas Stars are coming back to Charlottetown in the fall. (Ben Margot/Associated Press)

CBC News has learned the Dallas Stars are coming back to Charlottetown in the fall.

The city signed a new deal last week with the NHL hockey club.

Mayor Clifford Lee and city officials went to Dallas last month with the goal of bringing the Stars back to Charlottetown next season.

Sources tell CBC the NHL team will bring its training camp to the city from Sept. 15 to 20. That's one more day than last year's visit.

Lee wouldn't confirm the news, however.

"Let me just say that I'm feeling really positive about it and there will probably be an announcement on it this coming week," he said.

Last year, the city paid just under $30,000 to host the team. It's budgeting about the same amount this year.

Islander Brad Richards is in the final year of his contract with Dallas.

But Lee said the team would come even if Richards signs this summer with a different NHL club.

"Both groups have indicated from day one that, you know, while it would be great to have Brad back in Charlottetown for a training camp in 2011, the negotiation has to be outside of the training camp," said Lee.

There was some talk of bringing in a second NHL team to play an exhibition game against Dallas. But that idea was iced when the city found out it would cost about $200,000.