Science and technology are changing the modern dairy operation as Island farmers search for ways to increase milk production.

At Derwin Clow’s Freetown dairy farm, Holstein's are treated to massages from $3,000 brushes and sleep on sand because it’s more comfortable than straw.

"The more comfortable a cow is in her day-to-day life, the happier she is, she’s going to give more milk every time," Clow said.

"Cow comfort" sounds quaint, but Clow says there’s a lot of research behind it.

"There’s more and more science all the time and research coming out on it," he said. "As a farmer, I read the results of this science, I look at it, and then I know that it’s worth my investment."

The farmer uses an iPhone app to determine how much food and exercise each cow needs. He watches his cows using video surveillance cameras and has added an airy extension to his barn.

"If you have a cow that is not comfortable in her environment, in her surroundings, then her milk production will literally be cut in half, or more," he said.