DSTN in Trenton shipped its first two wind turbines Monday, a few weeks behind schedule. (CBC)

DSTN, a Trenton N.S. subsidiary of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, sent off its first two wind turbines Monday, a few weeks behind schedule. The turbines are bound for P.E.I.

"These ones here are going over to the Canadian Wind Energy Institute in Prince Edward Island and we'll be shipping them every few days now until the order is completed," said Brad Murray, DSTN's spokesman.

Delivering the 70-metre turbines is no easy task, said Derek Densmore of Lenron Trucking, which has been hired for the task.

"It's very slow - lot of weight to deal with, lot of responsibility so we just take it easy," he said.

The weight of the load also provided administrative challenges for DSTN. "[There was] a little hiccup with our weight," said Murray.

"We have to be in compliance with our permit with the Department of Transportation."

With deliveries started, Murray expressed confidence in his company. "Our problem was experience with equipment and the process. Our guys are coming right on board now … a lot of them have honed those skills."

Extra workers were hired to get deliveries back on schedule, bringing the plant's capacity up to nearly 200 people, with work happening around the clock.

DSTN will next deliver turbines to a new 31.5-megawatt wind farm in Amherst.