Striking Canadian Blood Services workers on P.E.I. are getting some extra financial help from a union that doesn't even represent them.

Eight remaining striking workers, who have been out since September, are each getting $1,000.

Striking blood services workers in Charlottetown continue fight

The main issue in the strike is guaranteed work hours, according to the union. (submitted)

The money is coming from the national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Mark Hancock.

The recent contribution makes nearly $20,000 that has been raised by the CUPE membership for the CBS strikers.

During the Christmas holidays, CUPE P.E.I. helped organize a Christmas fundraiser for the workers.

Lori MacKay, president of CUPE P.E.I., said even though the blood services workers are members of another union, CUPE wanted to show solidarity.

The workers are actually members of the Nova Scotia Union of Public and Private Employees Local 19, and they are demanding government intervention to help settle the dispute.

They say the main outstanding issue is their request for guaranteed work hours.