Members of a P.E.I. family are in Moncton to begin taking apart the indoor amusement park, Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace closed permanently Monday. The operators of the mall containing the park, Cadillac Fairview, are shutting it down in favour of a new Bass Pro Shop.

Cadillac Fairview sold the rides to Matthew Jelley and his brothers, who operate parks in P.E.I. and Magic Mountain in Moncton. Jelley said there is no solid plan for where the rides will end up, but some of them could end up in a new indoor facility.

"This is a rare occasion where they were brought inside. There's some adjustments. The roller coaster, some of the motors, and some of the braking units will require some new covering," he said.

"We … haven't fully ruled out an indoor facility, perhaps not necessarily on the full-size scale of Crystal Palace, but to incorporate some of the components in a mixed indoor-outdoor type facility."

The rides have to be out of Crystal Palace by Thanksgiving, he said.

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