Organizers of this year's Plowing Match and Agricultural Fair in Dundas are hoping to set a new record for attendance.

The annual event in P.E.I. features rural activities like a traditional horse pull. Plowing, cattle penning, and sheep herding are also big draws.

"I love the authenticness and the culture of it," said Samantha Pirch.

The three-day event has been held for the last 73 years. Organizers expect to top 6,000 people, which would be a new record.

They credit all of the success to the more than 100 volunteers who are helping this year.

Sandra Hodder-Acorn, president of the event, said one group of volunteers includes three generations of one family.

"They've lived in the community, farmed in the community, and I think it's that dedication that keeps it going, striving," she said.

Volunteer Elaine MacLennan sees events like this as a good sign for rural areas.

"It's keeping rural communities alive and letting people have a place to come back and say, 'Oh yeah, this is where I was, this is what my dad did, what my grandfather did,'" MacLennan said.