Niall Lucock's family is hearing a complicated tale, with many different versions during Randy Crosby's manslaughter trial. Lucock died from a brain hemmorage on December 1, 2001 after drinking at Big Momma's, Crosby's bar in downtown Charlottetown.

The second day of the trial heard from police officers, bar staff and people who were on the streets of Charlottetown the night Lucock died.

The bartender working at Big Momma's that night, Angela Power, testified she asked Crosby and three other staff to evict two young men after she saw one of them intentionally push a couple of beer bottles onto the floor.

On cross-examination, Power said she didn't see Crosby touch either one of them, and she didn't see him drink anything while he was at the bar.

Constable Paul Pitman and his partner testified their Charlottetown City Police van was waved down by a man they found out later was Niall Lucock's friend, Foch Campbell. He who told them he'd been physically thrown out of Big Momma's and he wanted to lay assault charges.

The officers told an intoxicated Campbell to wait until the next day to lay a complaint.

Ten minutes after their initial encounter, Campbell was back at the police van and told them the same man who'd thrown him out of the bar had hit his friend, Niall Lucock and Lucock was out cold.

An off-duty nurse tended to Lucock while he was crumpled on the sidewalk, she testified to hearing a low moan, but no other sounds. She also saw a cut over Lucock's eye.

Crosby's lawyer, Joel Pink, suggested Lucock got that cut by hitting his head against the sharp edge of a post that formed a pedway under a construction area along Kent Street.

Coverage of Crosby trial

Crosby trial Begins - May 12,2003

The police officers who arrested Randy Crosby said on the drive to the jail, the bar owner asked them hypothetically what they would do if they owned a bar, and someone was smashing things up.

Crosby went on to tell them he was from the "old school" where people handle problems on their won and don't call police for every little thing.

The officers testified they told Crosby they would have called 9-1-1 if an incident spilled out onto the street.