Olive Crane checks out a combine near Souris Tuesday. (CBC)

The leader of P.E.I.'s Progressive Conservative Party pledged to help the province's primary industries Tuesday.

Speaking near Souris, Olive Crane unveiled her plans for aiding the farming and fishing industries, but she did not offer any financial commitment.

Crane made the announcement after hopping out of her campaign vehicle, then climbing into combine. She said if her party is elected in the upcoming election, she would allow farm vehicles to use marked diesel while operating on highways.

The fuel has no provincial tax, but using it for farm vehicles on the highway is illegal.

Break for farmers

"The farmer gets a break. They will be able to use marked diesel to help get their input costs down," she said.

Crane added she would work with farmers and fishermen to find new markets for their products.

She said currently, the fisheries and agriculture ministers have a focus divided between the workers and the processors. Crane said she would separate those responsibilities.

"This is a step in the right direction. By being able to separate the processing arm and have them accountable to another department, that perception of conflict is gone," she said.

She did not say how much her proposed changes would cost.