P.E.I.'s Progressive Conservative Party has voted to keep Olive Crane as party leader, rejecting a motion for a leadership review, at the annual general meeting in Charlottetown.  

The PC AGM had a motion on the floor asking for a leadership review before the end of next year.

In a speech to the audience Saturday afternoon, Olive Crane said she would never report to a backroom and will always put the party first.


About 800 PC members are voting on the motion, with more than 1,000 people in attendance. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

Crane said if it looked like she is standing in the way of the future of the party, she would step aside, but for now, she said she wants to be leader.  

About 800 PC members voted on the motion, with more than 1,000 people in attendance.   

The party gathers every year to debate policy, but this year is seen to be especially significant given questions being raised about Olive Crane's leadership.  

Last year the party voted to keep her on as leader until after the 2015 election.