Coyote worries Charlottetown residents

Suspected coyote sightings in the heart of Charlottetown are concerning some residents there.

Not unusual, say wildlife officials

Suspected coyote sightings in the heart of Charlottetown are concerning some residents.

The neighbourhood is close to North River.

Rita Stanley, who lives on Moreau Drive just south of Belvedere Ave, noticed some unusual tracks while taking her dog out in her yard. She said a neighbor has seen a coyote in her yard twice.

"It's scary, scary for people that own pets," said Stanley.

"I can't put him out because I'm too scared a coyote could come if you put him out at night, right? And I'm worried for children, because he was spotted up on Sunset at two o'clock in the afternoon."

Provincial wildlife biologist Brad Potter said the tracks could be a coyote or a fox. The two are hard to tell apart. Foxes have become common in the city in recent years.

Potter said he would not consider a coyote in the city to be unusual.

"I don't think it would be unusual at all. I don't think there's any reason to believe coyotes wouldn't be in and around that area," he said.

Foxes, such as this one behind the CBC building in Charlottetown, are becoming a common sight in the city. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

Moreau Drive runs alongside Queen Elizabeth Park, on the banks of North River, which would make it relatively easy for a coyote to get into that neighbourhood this time of year.

"The bay is completely ice covered. Coyotes travel a long distance, could easily cross the ice," said Potter.

Wildlife officials have put a video camera in a tree to try to spot the animal but have not seen it yet. A fox was caught on the camera on Friday night.

Officials say residents shouldn't worry but should keep an eye on their pets, especially at night.