Coyote sighting

Rotary Park in Summerside remains closed Tuesday, but the coyote traps have been pulled.

A trapper hired by the City of Summerside has pulled his coyote traps from Rotary Friendship Park according to a provincial official, but the park remains closed to the public.

Three coyotes have been trapped in the park since Thursday, when the park was closed following reports of an aggressive coyote.

City spokeswoman Lorri Laughlin said the city has been taking the province's advice on how to deal with the animals in the 25-hectare park. She said only the aggressive coyotes are being removed.

"We don't want to interfere in their natural habitat and the natural environment of the park," said Laughlin.

"We would only call in provincial officials when we have reports of aggressive behaviour against humans in the park."

Wade MacKinnon, one of the provincial conservation officers who helped the city find a licensed trapper, and made suggestions how to best trap coyotes in the park, said officers did no assessments of the animals.

MacKinnon said it is the City of Summerside making the decisions regarding the coyotes, and the trapper has removed his traps.

"We can't determine which animals are caught," he said.

"There were three animals caught but we don't know whether those were the animals seen and there's virtually no way of anybody determining that."

MacKinnon said the animals pelts will be sold by the trapper.