Two Charlottetown city councillors had a loud, angry exchange at the monthly meeting of council Monday night over how a new roundabout for the airport was announced.


Coun. Terry Bernard took issue with Coun. Jason Coady's complaints about the airport roundabout announcement. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

The roundabout — a joint project of the city, the province and the airport — was announced at a news conference including all three last month. Last week, Coun. Jason Coady publicly complained the announcement was made before a public vote was taken on the city's $500,000 share.

At Monday's meeting, Coun. Terry Bernard read from previously confidential minutes that show council approved the project behind closed doors. That's when things got heated for Bernard, and then Coady.

"Don't be standing here saying it's my project, and I want to run out an announce it," said Bernard.

"It's the province that made the announcement. It wasn't me. Well, don't say it's me."

"You were in the paper quoted that day saying the announcement is coming so obviously you knew about the press conference," Coady responded.

"The rest of council didn't."

Coady went on to defend his speaking to the media about his concerns.


Council needs to have a full discussion of what to do with that $500,000, says Jason Coady. (CBC)

"I understand how it works. You've got to understand how it works," he said.

"As long as you get what you want and go out in the public and say that you're having a roundabout, everything's happy. But if we have $500,000, why don't we sit around the table and discuss where we want to put it."

Bernard said if councillors truly are against the project they'll have several opportunities, in public, over the next few months to vote against it.