There will still be some use of lawn pesticides on P.E.I. after a ban on sale of the products comes into effect next year.


Environment Minister Richard Brown said the P.E.I. government will closely watch the use of the chemicals once the pesticide ban is in place. ((CBC))

When the law comes into effect, 240 products will be banned from store shelves, but the same chemicals will be available to lawn care companies. Those companies will be allowed to spray under certain emergency circumstances and on golf courses.

Workers who apply chemicals will have to complete a course.

Environment Minister Richard Brown told CBC News Tuesday every time they use the pesticides, they'll have to let government know.

"We can go out and audit it, we can go out and check it beforehand and after. And if we find abuse of the system, we'll cut their licence off," said Brown.

The controversial chemical 2,4-D won't be allowed for use by either consumers or landscape companies on lawns, but it will be allowed on golf courses.

Green Party Leader Sharon Labchuk said a pesticide ban should apply everywhere. She said there are plenty of alternatives to lawn chemicals.

"Training and doing things properly has nothing whatsoever to do with the ultimate outcome, which is contamination of the environment, our air, our drinking water and our bodies," said Labchuk.

"That's just not a valid argument."

The pesticide ban comes into effect this spring.

Brown said details about what circumstances would warrant emergency chemical spraying will be laid out in the regulations.