The use ofcosmetic pesticidesfound little support at the first public hearing of a legislative committee in Charlottetown Wednesday.

The MLA committee, chaired by Alan MacIsaac, has been asked to report to the legislature in the spring on the implications of a province-wide ban on cosmetic pesticides. The only mention of support for their use came by way of unidentified letter read aloud by committee chair Alan MacIsaac.

"I have a PhD in chemical engineering and have spent my career in both research and in industry," read MacIsaac.

"Please don't make a politically motivated decision for a few very vocal activists that are trying to scare the world."

The 10 members of the public who appeared in person at the hearing all urged the MLAs to recommend a ban. Leo Broderick spoke on behalf of the Council of Canadians.

"You represent people. You don't represent corporations," said Broderick.

"In a democratic institution if most people want something that's what most people should get."

Mark MacDougall said he grew up in a house where his mother had strong reactions to pesticide spraying.

"I'm willing to take risks in my life in certain things and I'm sure everyone is, but what I'm not willing to do is have my neighbour take my risk for me," said MacDougall.

The 10-member legislative committee will reconvene next week for another public hearing. Committee members said they expect to hear from some people opposed to a ban then.