Cornwall CAO Kevin McCarville says a survey will look into the town's roads, parks and water system sustainability, among other infrastructure concerns. (CBC)

The Town of Cornwall has approved plans for a comprehensive survey to take stock of its infrastructure.

The project will be tendered out, including interviews and research, and will take place this year.

The survey will be used to come up with a long-term plan for the town's infrastructure, says Cornwall CAO Kevin McCarville.

"Whether it's from a developer's prospective — they come in and they want to open up a hundred-lot subdivision, we can tell them where we need the roads to go," he said.

"It's important for the town to be able to determine, like, what is the quality of our wells? And the most important thing we do is provide water, and I don't think anybody would question planning and coordinating efforts around long-term sustainability of our water system."

The town still needs approval from the province's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal for the project, says McCarville.

The survey also needs to be approved by the federal government, as the town plans to use its annual federal gas tax money to fund the project.