At least two P.E.I. communities are hoping to benefit if the province's largest RCMP detachment is forced to move out of its Charlottetown office.

The Queens District RCMP, made up of 33 officers responsible for policing on the central part of the Island, is currently based at the Maypoint Plaza but its lease runs out in May 2013.

Sgt. Andrew Blackadar said both Cornwall and Stratford have expressed interest and engaged in discussions with the detachment.

"They have both indicated they want the RCMP to take up residence in their communities, which makes some sense for the RCMP. They're both growing communities."

Although based in the provincial capital, the detachment is not responsible for policing there but does cover a large 1550-square kilometre area which includes the two towns.

The towns of Stratford and Cornwall are just east and west of Charlottetown.

Stratford police committee chair Emile Gallant said his town would love to welcome the 33 police officers. There is already a small detachment in the town.

"We're the biggest municipality in the Queens District that they cover," he said. "So for us there would probably be some cost saving, we're hoping, with our facility combined with that."

Cornwall Coun. Minerva McCourt wants the same.

"Just the optics of having them on the highway more, or living in your community, as well as being part of the community. I think it speaks wonderful things for the Town of Cornwall."

The RCMP says it won't be making a decision on relocation until it knows for sure what is going to happen with its current location in Charlottetown.