Linda Bain

Linda Bain needs the Cornwall to Charlottetown bus service, and is fighting council to keep it. (CBC)

A Cornwall, P.E.I. woman has put together a survey on bus use in the town, collected results from 90 residents, and delivered the surveys to council.

Linda Bain told CBC News she needed to do something to save the service.

"They're cancelling and so, I've just been mulling it over trying to figure out a way, because I need it," said Bain.

Cornwall voted in December not to renew its contract with Trius Transit, which provides a connection to Charlottetown. The town says the service is too costly, and not enough residents are using it.

Bain uses the bus every day to get into Charlottetown, and she does not agree with council's assessment.

Her survey asks questions such as "When do you travel on the transit?" and "How many rides do you take on the transit?"

Peter Meggs

Coun. Peter Meggs is hoping Trius Transit can come up with a more affordable solution for the town. (CBC)

She did not look at the results. She just handed the completed surveys into council.

"I'm not even going there,  I'm going with positive thoughts so, that's what I'm trying to do."

Coun. Peter Meggs said they will look at the surveys. He said he is aware many residents want to keep the service.

"People on the bus will speak to me and say they're very disappointed with the decision. I've heard that from other people as well," he said.

Meggs is hoping the bus company will come back to council with a more-affordable solution.

"We're waiting to see if Trius perhaps can pull a rabbit out of its hat," he said.

"I personally haven't heard anything. So we're hopeful, but time is ticking away."

As it stands bus service is scheduled to stop by the middle of June, and the town has no plans for a replacement service.