Convent turned senior facility opening in spring

It will likely be spring before Mount St. Mary's Convent in Charlottetown fully reopens as a senior-care facility, says the building's new owner.

40 nuns living in building through construction

It will likely be spring before Mount St. Mary's Convent in Charlottetown fully reopens as a seniors care facility, says the building's new owner.

Paul Jenkins purchased the 50-year-old convent from the Sisters of St. Martha in April, but has allowed the 40 remaining sisters to continue living in a section of the building.

They have been living in the east side, while the west side is under construction, said Jenkins.

Sometime in the next couple of months, the sisters will switch sides for the second phase.

"If you've been through construction in your house, it's just a bigger version of that, so obviously they're very patient. They're looking forward to the end result, and what it's going to be at the end," said Jenkins.

"They're going to basically age in place inside their own home, which was an area of concern for them before, that they wouldn't be able to do that together as a community."

In addition to the sisters' living space, the facility — now called The Mount — will include 30 nursing care beds subsidized by the province and another 30 private community care beds.

There's already a waiting list, and some of the beds will open once the first phase of construction is complete, said Jenkins.

The goal is to have the entire building finished by April 1.


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