This is all you can see of Rob Brennan's business from the highway thanks to the province's new landscaped hills. (CBC)

One local business owner isn't happy with the extensive landscaping work underway at the foot of the Confederation Bridge.

The $600,000 landscaping project is intended to spruce up the scenery where tourists arrive on P.E.I.

Borden-Carleton isn't known for its rolling hills, but all that's changing fast, as the province re-arranges the landscape.

Rob Brennan complains the hills block the view of his business.

Brennan runs a trucking company and grain brokerage, and said he built a warehouse and repair shop close to the bridge because of the site's high visibility.

He said he spent a lot of money, at request of the community council, to make the place look as good as it does.

Brennan said the hills have changed his long-term plans.

"We were planning to expand. We're a company that has expanded every year. We were planning to expand, but we won't expand here if there's no visibility," said Brennan, co-owner of Brennan Farms Ltd.

Brennan contacted government about his concerns.

He said they've promised to keep the shrubs and grasses short, but the hills will remain.

"In general we're trying to really beautify the entrance to the province. You know, it's where all the tourists come in, returning islanders," said  Kim Horrelt, a planner for the Department of Transportation and Public Works.

"It's really about first impressions and trying to make a good first impression."

The landscaping work is part of a $3-million project by the transportation department.

It includes new lighting, new highway signs and reconstruction of roads leading to the Confederation Bridge.

The hills line both sides of the highway. Eventually, they'll be planted with trees and grasses native to P.E.I.

These hills are intended to give visitors a view of what P.E.I.'s landscape is like.

Brennan admitted his business does not rely on drive-by customers.

In fact, he doesn't even have a sign out front, but said after 11 years in Borden, he may finally put one up.

He said it would be a tall one.