The Confederation Bridge's general manager says he was disappointed and surprised to hear that the New Brunswick government plans to close its visitor information centre at the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre.

But Michel Le Chasseur said bridge services, including a control facility and pickup/drop-off location for the shuttle, will continue as usual at the centre, which is located just past the Confederation Bridge on the New Brunswick side.

Michel LeChasseur

Bridge manager Michel Le Chasseur says bridge services will continue at the Cape Jourimain centre as usual. (CBC)

"So essentially Cape Jourimain, which is a stand-alone corporation, as of yesterday, I guess, is now looking for a new tenant and we are a tenant there, as you know," said Le Chasseur. 

"It is an issue because there is a tenant missing all of a sudden. But, I mean, they will be actively pursuing a solution to this. And we have a contract with them and the place is still open and we are still in business there, no question about that."

Le Chasseur said he doesn't think the closure will affect bridge traffic, but noted the visitor information centre was a service used by people traveling between P.E.I. and New Brunswick.

In Tuesday's budget, New Brunswick announced plans to the close the visitor information centres in both Cape Jourimain and Campobello due to low visitor levels.