The city is trying to push the issue of the concert, says Mayor Basil Stewart. (CBC)

The mayor of Summerside says he wasn't trying to mislead the public about a failed mega-concert during last fall's election, a concert he says could still go ahead.

The city has filed a lawsuit against American concert promoter Katrina Berg Sussmeier for failing to make good on a promised Michael Jackson tribute concert featuring Beyonce and Usher. Four days before city residents went to the polls in November, Mayor Basil Stewart said the concert was going to happen in 2011, even though the city had been trying to get its money back since April.

"I'm not going to answer that question. You accuse me of lying. I didn't lie," Stewart told CBC News when asked Tuesday about his comments during the election.

"Senior management were working and pushing to try to get the concert, and get the dates confirmed and everything else, and they were using that to try to push the issue to get it sorted out. It's possible it may still happen."

The city paid a $1.3 million advance on the concert, about $90 for every man, woman and child who lives there.

Basil Stewart says he's hoping the courts will either give the city its money back or force the promoter to make the concert happen.