A number of parents want to transfer their children out of Miscouche Consolidated School over concerns about the current principal, says the home and school association.

Cathy Richard, president of the Miscouche Consolidated Home and School Association, says, while her two kids are staying at the school, some of their classmates won't be coming back.

"It's quite disheartening to see the families think that poorly of our school now," said Richard.

Richard says she's heard of eight students whose parents have requested transfers.

She also says she knows of some parents who chose not to enrol their children at Miscouche for kindergarten due to concerns about the administration.

Earlier this spring a number of families expressed concerns about the principal and asked for his removal. They argued he wasn't dealing with the bullying issues and, on occasion, was confrontational with parents and students.

"My youngest has asked to be transferred, but again, I don't feel I should have to move out of my community because of this, as do other parents," said Richard.              

Leon Perry, who is part of the Miscouche Concerned Parents' group, says his son is also staying at the school.

Perry says the group is still asking the school board to remove the principal.

Cynthia Fleet - custom

English Language School Board superintendent Cynthia Fleet says she has met with some parents to discuss their concerns. (CBC)

"Even though some of them are submitting their change to go to another school, it doesn't mean that they're going to stay there," said Perry.

"I mean, if the current administrator was changed, maybe down the road, [there's] probably a good chance that some of these people might want to go back to their home school."

English School Board superintendent Cynthia Fleet says she's only heard of three families from the school with transfer requests.

The board does not comment about specific personnel issues, but Fleet says she did meet with some parents from Miscouche to discuss their concerns.