Figures from Island Waste Management Corporation show the amount of compost collected on PEI dropped 24 per cent from 2009 to 2012.

Compost bags

It is difficult to know why the composting rate on the Island is down. (CBC)

That's a decrease of almost 6,000 tonnes over that period. During that same time period, the amount of waste going into black bins on P.E.I., went up by eight per cent.

IWMC CEO Gerry Moore said a big part of this change is due to some key industrial players that are no longer delivering compost. That includes Cavendish Farms, which now uses its organic waste to make gas.

Waste collection (in tonnes)
Year Compost Waste
2009 23,905 51,058
2010 20,713 52,925
2011 19,089 53,578
2012 18,168 55,078

Moore also said homeowners may be letting their sorting slip a little.

"When we compare it year over year, there is so many variables it is hard to determine whether the participation rate overall is going up or going down," said Moore.

"We still have people that do it very well, and sometimes we have educational issues with new people coming into the province and it takes them awhile to get up to speed."

Moore said IWMC spends $150,000 a year on education and promotion. Any increase in that number would mean higher costs for Waste Watch customers.

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