A Wheatley River senior is complaining to Canada Post her community mailbox wasn't reachable because the snow hadn't been plowed out.

Trudy MacDonald thought it was too risky to try to climb the icy, four foot snow bank to get her mail at 11 a.m. on Dec. 30.

"There were mountains of snow, and it was icy cold and there were big clumps," said MacDonald.

"I just thought, my God. You know, anybody trying to climb that could slip and fall."

Close to 15 centimetres of snow had fallen from late Friday through the weekend. However, MacDonald said the contractor who clears her driveway had it done by 9 a.m. that Monday. 

An hour later nothing had changed, so MacDonald called Canada Post in Charlottetown. She said she was told a contractor would eventually get the mailbox cleared out, but couldn't tell her when.

"It's really awful, and here we're talking about discontinuing home service in the city," she said.

Canada Post says it aims to have mailboxes cleared by 9 a.m. But the corporation says extreme weather, and a highway plow pushing snow in front of the mailbox after it had already been cleaned out that morning meant the contractor had to go back a second time, caused a delay.

Canada Post says even in the worst weather usually mailboxes are cleared by 1 p.m.