Cobey Adams, the head chef at Fireworks at the Inn at Bay Fortune, will make an appearance on Chopped Canada Saturday.

The 24-year-old couldn't say how he did on the episode called "Cooking with Heart."

Adams said the title is not about the ingredients the contestants cooked with.

"That I think more has to do with how we feel and how the cooks and chefs who were on that we put ourselves into the culinary world. I can't give you any hints. I can tell you that we definitely got some, some wacky stuff in there. Some things I'd never seen before. We were all in for a big challenge there, for sure," said Adams.

Contestants on the show are able to win $10,000 if their dishes, made from ingredients in the mystery baskets, win over the judges.

In the short bio about him on the Chopped Canada website, Adams said he wanted to win the prize money to treat his girlfriend to a culinary adventure across Europe.

Adams, described as being able to handle stress easily, said it was one of the most stressful experiences of his life and he was proud of the outcome.

Adams was hired in 2015 by Chef Michael Smith to work as the breakfast cook at the inn's restaurant in Fortune, P.E.I. He quickly rose to the position of head chef during the first season the restaurant was open. Adams will return to his position as chef de cuisine when the restaurant opens on the May long weekend.