P.E.I. Environment minister Robert Mitchell says he told his provincial and federal counterparts at a meeting on climate change that coastal erosion was a major concern for the Island.

P.E.I. Environment Minister Robert Mitchell

P.E.I. Environment Minister Robert Mitchell says coastal erosion is a key concern. (CBC)

Mitchell attended a meeting in Ottawa Jan. 30 with federal environment minister Catherine McKenna, where climate change was the focus of the discussions.

It was the first time in ten years the federal government met with the provinces and territories about climate change.

"I certainly had the opportunity to bring forward the situation on Prince Edward Island with our extreme coastal erosion — around a 43 centimetre loss per year on average. We have significant losses every year and we need to do something to combat that," said Mitchell.

"So as far as P.E.I. is concerned, we have to work very diligently on our adaptation role because we know we are losing a lot of our island. So that is where our primary focus will be."

Mitchell says the ministers will also work together to look for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Each province, big and small, will have a role to play and step up to do what's needed."