The Charlottetown Convention Centre, currently still under construction, has taken the place of the coast guard base. (CBC)

With the loss of its base in Charlottetown Harbour, the coast guard will just have to wait for service like everyone else, says the acting superintendent of regional fleet operations.

Matthew Wheaton said there have been a couple times coast guard ships have had to anchor out in the harbour, since the former base at the end of Queen Street was replaced by the new convention centre.

Wheaton said the coast guard will just have to plan their arrivals better.

"There's commerce in the area. It's a busy port. We have to wait in line everyone else, you know, if there's no space available," he said.

"It's a little bit more work. I guess it takes better planning.

Wheaton said there are no current plans to find a permanent dock for the coast guard in Charlottetown.

Equipment that was at the former base has been distributed throughout the city, and boats that were previously docked there for longer periods of time have been moved to other ports.