A record number of P.E.I. schools have registered for the Civix Student Vote for this federal election.

Under the program, schools hold parallel elections and are given actual election materials, such as information on the candidates in their riding, ballots, voting screens and ballot boxes.

Civix runs the program using resources from Elections Canada.

Dan Allan, research and communications coordinator for Civix, said the idea is to get children interested in the political process at a young age, so they will be eager to vote when they actually turn 18.

"Across Prince Edward Island right now we have 42 schools signed up to take part with approximately 10,000 students who will be casting ballots the week before the actual vote," said Allan.

"We are on pace to get twice as many votes cast this time as we had, last time around."

In 2011 35 schools signed up and about 6,000 were cast.

Allan said across the country about 6,400 schools are registered, which is also a record number.

He noted teachers are saying they are anxious to have their students involved in this election, because it appears to be a very tight race.

Schools have until Sept. 30 to register.

The school vote results will be announced once the polls close on election night.