A P.E.I. chocolate maker says customers can expect prices to go up next year.

Island chocolates

The cost of the basic ingredient for Island Chocolates is going up. (Experience PEI)

Linda Gilbert, co-owner of Island Chocolates in Victoria-by-the-Sea, said her company will be paying more for cocoa beans. She said anytime the price of ingredients rise it impacts them directly and immediately.

"We're not big enough to buy massive quantities or container loads so any price increase just filters right back down to us," said Gilbert.

"We've been pretty good about keeping our prices consistent for the last three years but it will be a significant increase for our basic ingredient."

The price of chocolate in the U.S. has gone up 45 per cent since 2007, and another increase is expected this year.

People's tastes are turning to dark chocolate, and that has increased the demand for cocoa beans. At the same time, dry weather in West Africa is expected to hit the harvest there. That region produces 70 per cent of the world's cocoa beans.

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