The recent bout of warm weather has organizers of the Jack Frost Children's Winterfest bringing in snow to help make the grounds look a little whiter.

P.E.I. transportation crews are hauling in 70 truckloads of snow to help cover up some of the green grass poking through parts of the general grounds.

"They started doing that late yesterday and into today, the snow crews will be working around the clock," said Craig Jones, president of the Hotel Association of Prince Edward Island.

Precautions were taken to protect the sliding hills and ice sculptures from the spring-like temperatures. The structures were covered with tarps and are still in good shape. 

Jones said the extra snow is needed only to freshen things up for this weekend's festival.

"We were actually ahead of schedule up into this week, but just because of the preparation that we had to do to get ready for the warm weather that we had Tuesday and Wednesday, it put them a bit behind," he said. "But we will be ready to go for Friday."

In addition to the truckloads of snow, Jones said the temperature will dip down low enough Thursday night and Friday morning to put the snow-making machines to work.

He said the weather looks good for the weekend festival.

The festival starts Friday and runs through Sunday. Tickets for the event are still available.