Charlottetown has released the travel expenses for members of city council this year, and will continue to post them to its web site once every three months.

The city is following the lead of Summerside, which began posting councillor expenses earlier this month.

Members of the media were sent an advance copy of the Charlottetown councillors' expenses for 2013, and they will be posted online within a few days.

Most of the councillors have spent between $3,000 and $4,000 on travel since January, with a few exceptions.

Mayor Clifford Lee spent the most on travel, 10 trips at a cost of $15,700, including the East Coast Music Awards in Halifax, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities meetings in Vancouver, and the Canadian Basketball Association Draft in Toronto.

Coun. Cecil Villard had the second-highest travel expenses, at just over $9,000 for six meetings.  Coun. Eddie Rice spent the least on travel, $125 to attend one meeting in Rustico.